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Version 0.0.4

Release informations

Version 0.0.3 (14 May 2005)

  • add Macro support, now has basic macro support for connecting and selecting a database/table
  • fix Stats panel, stats panel is now show only if connected to the server
  • fix Home page, added scrollpane to view all the home page when Quick Help is active
  • fix ODBC, if is non-windows system the odbc-jdbc will not run in the app
  • add Find databases,tables and colmns, find databases tables and columns by using the jdbc.
  • add Inserts, basic way to insert ad update data. Must be still tested..

Version 0.0.2 (30 April 2005)

  • add ODBC Compatiliby, now app has some compatilibity with ODBC
  • add Memory status, now has the memory status progressbar in the tray
  • add User toolbar, now is avaiable a special toolbar that works with HTML and jufat action links. User can create his interfaces!
  • add Quick help, app has now a quick help panel to view all the informatinos about the current active panel
  • add Home page, now app has a home page where you can select the operations to do
  • add Dynamic pages, now app supports dynamic html links to perform judat actions and create user-friendly pages
  • add Multilanguage, now in app frames supports locale resource boundles (Currently Italian and English).
  • add judat Launcher, now judat has his own launcher splashscreen to select the language.
  • add Query Wizard, an easy way to create custom queries with dynSQL
  • update Improved preferences, now app has more preferences to be set, just need the code writing..
  • update DB Behaviour improvement, now app is more dynamic with different Dbs
  • update DnD in query window
  • fix Guide, now the guide works in the jar binary

Version 0.0.1 (17 April 2005)

  • add Released the first version of judat with:
    • MySQL support
    • some HSQLDB support
    • Connection management
    • SQL execution
    • Table view and search
    • Exporting support
    • MySQL support
    • In-app html guide
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