Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is judat?

judat is an open source database administration tool (DAT). It manages databases, tables, data, users and privileges. It was designed to manage a mysql database in a system indipendent form.

2. What is judat not?

judat is not a super-professional database administration tool. It was not designed manage professional and big databases.

3. Which JDK (JRE) should I use?

judat needs Sun's JRE (JDK) for Java 1.4.
judat has been tested with earlier versions (such as 1.3) and it doens't work.
Please refer to the jdbc requirements to have additional informations.

4. What can judat do for me?

You can use judat to connect to an Access, MySQL or HSQLDB database and view the contained data, research the data and export the data

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