judat - Database Administration Tool

About judat

judat is a universal database administration tool designed to have a full compatibility with the avaiable jdbc's.
Currently in develop, it suppports MySQL database connection, HSQLDB and ODBC (only Windows systems).
This tool permits, with a user-friendly GUI, to view and manage a database and it's data. The application is released under the GNU Public License as an open source software.

This application is being developed by Rasael Bervini, a computer science apprentice from Switzerland.

Head features

  • Universal data management : Manage different database by using one only app! (MySQL, ODBC (only Windows systems) and HSQLDB)
  • Platform indipendent : Use the Java Virtual Machine to work on every machine!
  • View data, Search Data, Export Data : Manage the data of the database with different options!
  • Multi language : currently judat supports Italian (app) and English (app and guide))
  • Dynamic queries : Create queries that works on every database using dynSQL! (In development)
Copyright © 2005  Rasael Bervini. All rights reserved.
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