User guide

judat Requirements

  • Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or above (to check version type "java -version" in your console window)
  • 5Mb of space on hard disk (including mysql and hsql jdbc!)
  • A jdbc compatible database (right now only MySQL, HSQLDB and ODBC (for windows) are supported!)

Operating System Compatibility

judat has been tested only on Windows (XP and 2000) and Mac systems. judat SHOULD work with all the os that meet the requirements.

judat Installation

The installation procedure is very simple, you will just need to extract the files on your computer and then execute judat. Please check that the requirements are ok.

The procedure can be processed as:

    judat installation

    1. Download the latest judat release from
    2. Create a directory on your harddrive to store the application
    3. Unpack the file in the created directory
    4. Run judat.bat or "java -jar judat.jar"
    5. Here it is, judat should be now working!

Executing judat

To execute judat you will need to run the jar. You can simply do this by double clicking the jar file or writing in your console (while being in the jar path):

java -jar judat.jar

You can also run the jar directly without the license and the language selection by typing:

//For English language
java -jar judat.jar /locale:en

//For Italian language
java -jar judat.jar /locale:it

Removing judat

To remove the application just delete the directory where you have extracted the files.

judat Guide

judat has a powerfoul user guide that can be found in the application itself.
Please go to the menu ? and select Help Contents.

The guide can be navigated by an external browser (only in the source version) by opening:

    [judat installation path]/src/docs/en/contents.htm

You can contribute to get the guide bigger by writing documents and then sending them to:

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